We have a variety of tips to help keep your home safe for you children. Unintentional injury is the number one killer of children ages 1-14 in the United States. Each year an average of 2,096 children under the age of 14 die as a result of a home injury.


First and foremost, ensure your house number is visible from the street. Also, make sure you have a reflective house number at the street. This ensures if you need help, help can find you quickly.



Inside the Home

Keep your Emergency Numbers Visible. This includes 911, Poison Control (1-800-222-1222), and your Doctor’s Office.


• Use safety latches and locks on cabinets & drawers.

• Safety gates on tops and bottoms of stairs.

• Secure flat screen TVs and tall book cases.

• Place night-lights in hallways and bathrooms.

• Set the water heater to 120 degrees.

• Ensure unused outlets are covered with plugs.

• Keep common choking dangers such as coins, hard round foods, and latex balloons out of children's reach.

• Use window guards or safety netting to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, and landings. Window screens do not prevent falls.

• Roll up pull cords on windows.

• Firearms should be stored unloaded, locked with ammunition stored separately.

• Remove throw rugs and don't run extensions cords across walkways.



Fire Safety

• Smoke detectors should be installed outside all sleeping areas.

• Change your smoke detector batteries every time you change your clocks.

• Test your smoke detectors every month.

• Develop and practice a fire escape plan.

• If you have concerns or questions about smoke detectors, please contact your local fire department.


Bedroom Safety

• Ensure cribs meet safety standards including a firm tight fitting mattress so the child cannot slip between the rails and side of the mattress. Ensure crib slats are less than 2-3/8" apart.

• Never plane infants in an adult bed or with other occupants because it puts the infant at risk of suffocation.

• Do not place blankets, stuffed animals or crib bumpers to reduce the risk of suffocation.

• Infants should always sleep on their backs.


Bathroom Safety

• Never leave a child unattended.

• Install non-skid mats or decals in the bath tub.

• Verify outlets have grounded circuit breakers.

• Lock out any mouthwash, toothpaste, perfume, hair spray, nail polish, razors, or scissors.


Kitchen Safety

• Turn pot handles inward on the stove, or place pits on the back burners.

• Never leave the stove unattended.

• Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

• Keep refrigerator magnets and small objects out of reach.

• Install cabinet or drawer locks.

• Install an anti-tip device on the stove.



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